Dr. Manuel I. Cruces DDS

I’ve wanted to be a dentist from a very young age. Not just any dentist, but a great dentist that can make peoples’ lives better through both dental health and esthetics. This is why I received my Doctorate in Dentistry (DDS) from the University of Southern California, USC which is a Mecca for the Esthetic Dental field. After all, it is where Hollywood is located!

As a USC graduate, I have had the opportunity to study the most advanced technologies and techniques that both improve your health as well as your appearance. Dr. Pascal Magne, DMD, Msc, PhD, one of the most prominent and renowned clinicians and researchers in esthetics and bonding restorative dentistry has been my mentor. Together we provided access to two of the top master ceramists and lab technicians of Hollywood and Beverly Hills, Michelle Magne and Vincent Devaud. Our Dental Clinic brings this experience to South Florida.

During my years at USC in Los Angeles, thanks to the guidance of leaders in the dental field I have received several awards including the National Association of Orthodontists Award for the Oro-Facial Complex, the National Dental Honor Society and The Dean’s List Meriting Place for Academic Achievement (Final GPA of 3.96 out of 4).

Originally, as a graduate of the Dental School of Universidad Central de Venezuela, one of Latin America’s most comprehensive and prestigious dental schools, I opened my own dental practice in Caracas. This provided not only practice, but also knowledge, treating patients for over five years before arriving in South Florida and graduating from USC. The years as a Dentist in Venezuela allow me to work seamlessly in English and Spanish.

The years of study and experience make me a dependable, high skilled professional with a solid performance track. Moreover, I’ve become highly skilled designing ceramic restorations on the CEREC 3D machine, as well as other dental procedures in the Restorative, Esthetics and Cosmetics field (Porcelain Crowns, Veneers and Teeth Whitening Systems), Implants Restorative phases, and Endodontics (Root Canals).

I have always had an eager desire to help and to serve. As proof of this, I have participated in numerous community events, volunteering since 2004 for the Mission Our Lady Queen of Peace, Catholic Church, helping the underserved communities to improve their oral health. During my USC dental school years, I assisted with elementary school and high school visits, and participated in the Annual Homeless Project and the Homeless Connect Health Fair on Skid Row, bringing this community to have dental care access. A lifelong vocation will be to continue to assist and encourage good dental habits in the poor, especially their children.

Dentistry and sports have been closely related in my life. Sports, just as dentistry, are essential for good health. I am currently a Marathoner (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami and Disney World) and my wife is a personal trainer, and kick boxing instructor. I was able to participate in a soccer camp under the coaching of Pele and Franz Beckenbauer which made my passion for soccer grow even more. Karate, baseball and even surfing and snowboarding are among my favorite sports.

My motivation is related to the need to be always an up to date professional. I believe in continuous education and as a member of ADA American Dental Association, California Dental Association (CDA), Florida Dental Association, South Florida Dental Association, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), and Hispanic Dental Association (HDA) I strive to please your dental needs and expectations.

My philosophy: “treat a patient the way I like to be treated when I visit my doctor” means my patients get total satisfaction and undivided attention. Your treatment plan will be understandable and complete. I look forward to being your partner and friend as we seek to maintain and improve your dental health and personal well-being for you and your family.