Dr. Manuel I. Cruces DDS

I’ve wanted to be a dentist from a very young age. Not just any dentist, but a great dentist that can make peoples’ lives better through both dental health and esthetics. This is why I received my Doctorate in Dentistry (DDS) from the University of Southern California, USC which is a Mecca for the Esthetic Dental field. After all, it is where Hollywood is located!

Dr. Armando Luiz Garcia DDS

Hi, thanks for your interest in our dental practice. As a US trained dentist with a foot in US, Brazilian and Hispanic cultures, I want your healthy teeth to contribute to your total health, esthetics and self-esteem. My love of dentistry and athletics drive my focus on your well-being.

We are a high performance, well equipped, family, cosmetic and sports dental practice in the Coconut Creek, Parkland, Deerfield Beach and Boca Raton surrounding communities. Using our tri-lingual and multi-cultural experiences, our professionals emphasize teamwork and deliver high quality and caring treatment in general and specialized dentistry.

The office is equipped with all digital panoramic and regular size x-rays. These reduce the amount of radiation in over 90% while completely eliminating the x-ray development time and chemical products. This contributes to making us environmental friendly. Also intra-oral and extra-oral digital cameras allow patients to better view and understand their treatments needs.

CEREC-3D, a computerized machine that makes crowns, inlays, onlays (partial crowns) and veneers in only one visit, is another of our technologically advanced equipment. This machine eliminates the need for those messy impressions and temporary crowns.

Ultra modern one hour teeth whitening, Laser and Electro-Surgery machinery and most importantly the latest sterilization technology which exceeds all infection control guidelines characterize the advanced treatment our patients receive. This, along with our computerized patient data-base, allows us to be a paperless green office where our staff is crossed trained to operate it all.

All rooms are equipped with cable TV and internet for entertainment of our patients during their treatments, and there is a special kids area in the waiting room, so everyone has fun, making it a more pleasant experience.

A leading expert specialist in Periodontics and Implantology who performs dental implant placements, oral surgeries, and several periodontal services (gum surgery) is also part of our team, so patients can be seen for all their needs in the same place.

Continuing education for all employees is also part of our routine. Be assured that all our employees are up to date on the products and procedures performed at our office. This enables them to better educate our patients and ensure their safety. Helping patients make educated decisions on the best treatment plan for themselves is what we consider our ethical duty.

In using the sports aspect of the practice, we not only educate patients about oral health, but also on general health and exercise, linking healthy teeth to a healthy body. This draws on the doctors’ personal knowledge and experience in both the subjects – sports and dentistry. Both doctors are very committed to sports and exercise, and they strongly believe in its benefits.

As an experienced AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, Maria Carolina Imery is an integral part of our office’s capabilities to keep you smiling. She knows that keeping a healthy body is part of a daily routine that also keeps your teeth healthy. That’s why she’s joined the Healthy Family Dentistry Team. Her years of expertise as a personal trainer, kickboxing teacher, aerobics instructor and athlete, integrate all the elements that make our dental practice so much a part of our patients’ healthy life style. We
have put together Healthy Packages of five, ten or more sessions of personal training that also allows participants to qualify for free teeth whitening, free dental cleanings and more. Our practice wants to emphasize and encourage living healthy.

Please feel free to ask us about any of the procedures, equipment or products that we have available to better serve you.